Maritime shipping, the entire maritime industry, and maritime infrastructures are the foundation of the economic power of Germany and Europe. Over 80% of global trade by volume is carried by sea, and more than 90% of intercontinental data volume is transferred via undersea cables. The ocean is an indispensable resource and an essential part of the planetary ecosystem: no modern economy can function without its maritime foundations.

What applies on a large scale also holds true for individual companies: the maritime dimension of business models and supply chains is a crucial element of successful strategies for resilience, competitiveness, and sustainability.

While technological advances are disruptively challenging many traditional business models, this creates entirely new challenges for maritime security.

With rapidly increasing digitalization and automation, the use of artificial intelligence, rising geopolitical tensions, the impacts of climate change, and the extensive measures to cope with it, the maritime sector is already in the midst of a highly complex transformation process.

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions that ensure resilience, security, and sustainable growth.

The high complexity requires interconnected thinking, combining diverse fields of expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives on maritime security. Holistic resilience is more than just defending against threats.

Accident prevention—Safety—hazard management—Security—and sustainability—Sustainability—go hand in hand. They are not only necessary to meet regulatory requirements; they are the basis for competitiveness and crisis-proof success.

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NEXMARIS was founded by two experienced experts and provides comprehensive consulting to companies and institutions aimed at enhancing the resilience of maritime infrastructures, business consulting, and supply chains.

With their expertise in maritime security, industry, and project management, Bertrand Mignot and Dr. Moritz Brake established the company to address the increased need for maritime security consulting and product solutions in the changed security environment since the turn of the millennium.

In addition to serving internationally operating companies, NEXMARIS specifically targets operators and authorities responsible for critical maritime infrastructures with its consulting services.

Dr. Moritz Brake is recognized for his profound expertise and practical experience in security policy, strategy, and maritime affairs. Bertrand Mignot complements the profile as an experienced project and industrial manager with a focus on digitalization and the management of complex, large-volume private and public financing projects abroad.

NEXMARIS combines expertise in analysis, consulting, and strategy development with successful implementation skills.

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Dr. Moritz Brake

Sécurité maritime et devoir de diligence : le cas de l’Allemagne – Opérationnels SLDS (operationnels.com)

September 2023

Maritime security in the North and Baltic Sea, The European, Vol. 48, 3/2023

Dr. Moritz Brake



Wenn die Marine in Heimatgewässern bleibt, fehlt sie in der Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Dr. Moritz Brake


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The naming agency NAMBOS provided us with optimal support during the naming process. We had many meetings where we could discuss everything with the experienced naming agency: naming strategy, naming, brand research, and decision-making. We are delighted that this enabled us to find the best name for us – Nexmaris!